Land divisions in Nevada are accomplished mostly by Parcel Map or Subdivision Map.
Parcel Map:
A division of up to 4 Parcels. This is typically an administrative process. There are many concerns that need to be addressed such as water rights, access, zoning restrictions, existing CC&R's, utility service, etc. The review process normally involves the governing body (City or County), all utility companies servicing the area, your title company, etc. The application fees for a Parcel Map vary between a couple hundred dollars and over two thousand. Contact us for more information. We can provide a quote for our fees as well as the application fees when we know the address or Assessor's parcel number.
Subdivision Map:
A subdivision map is used for a division of more than 4 parcels. Unlike a Parcel Map which is an administrative process, a Subdivision Map is a political process that requires a review by public representatives such as City Council or County Commission. It is also typically processed with development plans with public roadways and utilities.
Other divisions:
A Map of Division into Large Parcels is a useful instrument for division. The governing body (City or County) is provided with much flexibility by State Law with this process. It is normally used when all parcels exceed 40 acres or, if the governing body allows, 10 acres. There is no limit to the number of Parcels. There are still many possible concerns such as water rights, access & utilities.
Parcel Map waiver:
In somewhat rare circumstances, the County Surveyor is authorized to allow a deed division. This is normally applicable when a parcel has multiple residences from before the institution of the Nevada Map Act.
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